Fear of
* not living my life purpose (still searching)
* poor health, need to depend on others
* being senile / dementia
* not being loved and noticed
* being bored
* not having enough savings for old age
* no one cares for me
* Lizards or slimy creatures
* dark forests and unknown creatures
* being rape !
* got drown
* height phobia

Death of loved ones
My children not being good people



I am afraid of not being in the moment, worrying about the future, but then that would be missing the moments we are living in. Irony.

I am afraid of clowns because of the layer of masks and make up. But then people do have those hidden layers too. So I can’t decide if I’m afraid of people or fiction / non-fiction.

Being useless


I am afraid that things will change and not be as good as it was, people will change and feelings will change. I am afraid that eventually I have nothing to grow or improve in, and I am just stuck in here without anything to look forward to. I am afraid the future is bleak.

failure n embarrassment n losing people n choking

loneliness, death, not knowing anything, absence of anything, not existing, flying

Stuck in small/tight spaces
Being hated
Being left out



being helpless/weak

I'm afraid of being left alone, of being abandoned, of not "finding love" romantically.

I'm afraid that I am not good enough for a partner... or that I am too much and too intense for a potential partner to be with me for the long term.

Loss of sight
Losing loved ones
The unknown


not having the capability to care for myself and my family
running out of means to meet financial commitments
putting on too much weight
my children meeting with bad accidents

I am afraid of deadlines and small things that don't seem to matter in the long run (yet make me feel very scared nonetheless). I am afraid of my own lack of emotional availability to my friends haha. I am generally just scared of making a fool of myself to others and not being there for them I guess!

My current fear during this time is not a very practical one per se, It is the fear of potentially losing (literally or otherwise) two people I call friends from the United States due to the pandemic.

The first lives in Phoenix, AZ and works in behavioral health. He personifies resilience, being a kind and gentle individual despite the hardships he has experienced in life.

The second is a New Yorker, and a graduating(ed) medical student studying in Boston, MA. She is the warmest and most curious individual that I have ever met.

When all the bad news came around, it was difficult emotionally. To know that they are at risk, and at a higher risk, due to what they believe in. A myriad of emotions - a sense of loss, grief, and helplessness also came when I thought, and think of them.

2.NOt able to cope with caregiving


When things don't go as planned.
Big health problems

frogs, ghosts, losing my loved ones.

- Being in a large group of people
- Being asked to talk to a large group of people
- Being asked to impress the large group of people
- Bugs – anything that flies or is bigger than the standard house ant creeps me out
- Low temperatures – not being able to maintain a comfortable body temperature even after wearing layers or clothes
- Losing someone important forever, more drifting apart than death because everybody dies
- Unfamiliarity
- Racism – being pre-judged and misunderstood


The sea and things that lurk within.

The future, the unknown, loss of connection with loved ones, fear of doing the wrong thing

death and leaving things without preparation and goodbyes. then again, even with goodbyes i am still afraid. i fear disappointment and i fear hope. i fear letting people down and giving them false happiness. i fear leaving people out unintentionally. i fear thinking about bad rude evil sad redundant generally just bad thoughts... i fear being someone i am not but i am unsure of who i really am.

Not living up to my own expectations, being exposed to be a "fraud", not keeping my emotions/words in check, letting others down

Failure, loss of loved ones, amounting to nothing, letting people down


Unexpected deaths, free-falling, pain and suffering

Noises in the dark
Not being able to provide myself


My poor discipline and bad habits

No money to maintain a daily living
Sickness, losing our loved ones
No respect from the others
No mood to start a day
Losing hope and no help from others

Many things, really.
I'm afraid of heights, of automatic doors, of being left behing or
alone. I'm afraid of running out of the things I like, failure and
not living up to expectations.

Losing love ones
Texture: nil
Colour: black

Unknown, future, failure

I am afraid of how people see me, the dark, being bullied, fearing that I am not good enough, that I am a disappointment to people, that I am not what I appear to be and that I am deceiving others. That I will do the wrong thing, making the wrong choices and end up failing in life.

Loved ones dying
Losing mobility and senses

Death. Shame. Judgement.


Not living life to the fullest, regrets, being judged, living on others’ terms, having my heart broken, making bad decisions, death, losing my loved ones, disappointing the ones I love

loss of loved ones
inability to cope
inability to meet expectations
devastating consequences of a wrong decision
loss of faith

I am worried about people not loving or caring for me such as them leaving me out of activities and not asking me if I want to join them. I always have the sense of abandonment, feeling unwanted and left out. there is also this sense of emptiness inside me, always searching for something which I don't know what it is.

black and unknown

Shades of darkness
Blood flowing from body
Explosion in the dark
Shifting shapes in dreams

having my heart broken,
people being better than me, not being the
top, caring too much,
my parents

Disappointment, rejection, nothing to look forward in life

Fear of weight gain
Not being good enough


- Spiders
- Loneliness
- Lost
- Empty
- Ignored
- Creatures with too many legs or NO legs
- Deep water
- Not meeting expectation
- Misunderstood
- Old age/aging

Other people's anger.

A blank page to be filled.

Full. Empty.


no cash in pockets

1. Uncontrollable things, pain.
2. Being Trapped.
3. Losing stuff that I love.
4. Having no solutions to problems.
5. Having no way of escape.
6. Feeling helpless.
7. Failing.
8. Disappointing people, disappointing myself.
9. People disliking me.
10. Lightning.
11. Losing myself.

Horror movies

Covid -19
Ppl behave after ph 2 n ph 3 when CB open

losing my friends,
death of loved ones or close friends.
isolation, being misunderstood

failing to achieve success as a form of independence
(having deviated from familial or societal expectations of a woman)

Losing loved ones, making mistakes in everything I do and loneliness


Dead, the universe , infinity , illness ,...

I'm afraid of death. I don't know what it's like to not exist.
I'm afraid it won't be like anything. I'm afraid nothing like
spirits exist, and everything is just forgotten by everyone
after death. I'm even more terrified of imagining time
going one without "me". Millions and millions of years. The
universe may collapse and restart again and I will never
know any of it. It's the same as a blink to me.



corona virus

being left alone and losing my loved ones
not achieving my dreams and goals



Failure, being rejected by others, being criticized by peers and/or teachers, misunderstood by people around, scolded or reprimanded by parents, bosses or people of higher authority, the unknown and changes I cannot foresee or anticipate, new challenges, walking and falling.

Failure, judgement, loss of loved ones, losing

failing, death, incompetence

Back Stab

I am the most afraid of people who take advantage of others for their own good. I think people like Donald Trump are scary. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that. I don't know what else to write. These people are scary to me.

Failure. Regrets. Running out of time.

I fear being alone, that on one truly understand what I want and what I long for.
Fear dying alone in a slow and painful death from serious, morbid illnesses.
Fear being poor at old age


Crawlies like cockroaches, lizards, centipedes.

Lack of the sense of security (from myself and others)

1. Living alone for an extended period of time with no human interaction

2. The dark

3. Having no purpose/passion in life


Losing my loved ones
Not living up to my potential

I guess it takes up all your energy because you keep thinking about it. And every time you think about it, or the possibility of it, you get chills, and you feel like crying from (stress???) I don't know but it's just this scary feeling and it eats you up.

Offending people
Things that I do not know how to do
Getting terminal illness
No money
Getting sick/ill

My lousy drawing

Even though I try to convince myself that only my own opinion matters, I am afraid of being criticized, mocked, and put down by others.

Being stuck in my body unable to move.

The devolvement of human society to entirely self-absorbed brings.


I fear if I die before my children;
I fear if my father who has dementia forgets me soon..


Lack of space
Lack of freedom
Feeling of abandonment
Death of loved ones